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We're all proud Londoners; no matter where we started life, we've each chosen to make our home in England's buzzing capital. As Londoners, diversity isn't just some PR buzzword - we are each part of the vibrant, multicultural communities that make this one of the greatest cities on the planet. And we know that we mustn't allow the renewed momentum to make Black lives finally matter slow down. 


We may not be policy makers, educators or charity workers, but boy can we bake. By donating our products and selling our bakes, we can help to financially support the people working on the ground. As professional bakers, this is one way we can choose to contribute in the drive to undo the systemic racism that continues to blight our society.  And as home bakers, so can you.


Resources + download
Bakers Against Racism graphics
London BAR FAQs
Listen while you bake: for allies
Homebakers guide
Hosting your own
LBAR Mission Statement
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